Drop in and Network

Workspace will schedule casual events each month for members, based on their expressed interests.  In addition, members can schedule conversations on the Workspace calendar with Tim Keane and other investors, experts and advisors who will be available regularly.  First meetings are free to members.

Here's what some have said about Tim:

"I only met with Tim once as he was highly recommended. He was very gracious to sit with me and hear my concept for a new venture and he was knowledgeable and shared some of the pitfalls and issues that I may run into. He was very helpful for only sitting with him for about 45 min one time."

--Joe Erato, Entrepreneur

"Tim Keane has a depth of experience and wisdom that have helped many entrepreneurs navigate their journey, and I’m grateful to have him as a resource."

--Brian Thompson, President, UWM Foundation

"I have had the privilege of working closely with Tim for over 10 years and he has been a valuable mentor, client and friend.  He draws on his vast experience to provide advice that has proven to be consistently sound and practical.  He also drives a ski boat well."

--John McDonald, Attorney, Godfrey & Kahn SC

"Tim is at the center of the Milwaukee startup community. With a desk at Workspace, I greatly benefitted from his insights, introductions, and invites to events. 

I look forward to stopping by Workspace when I'm back in Milwaukee. I like the idea of short (to ensure topic gets to the point) events - like pitches, intro to topics (ex: blockchain), discussions on trends, etc." 

-- Jack McCarthy, Entrepreneur

"Tim is an extraordinarily capable advisor with a wealth of experience that is especially helpful with terms negotiation for new entrepreneurs.  He is very conscious of what is in the best interests of the investors as well as the entrepreneur."

-- Dave Zachman, Investor

"Tim has seen and done a lot in his career, with decades of experience as an entrepreneur and investor, adviser, and board member.  And more than being a wealth of knowledge, Tim willingly provides the time, advice, resources, and connections to help take your concept to the next level."

-- William Pauly, GE Healthcare

"Tim Keane has been extremely helpful to entrepreneurs that he believes in. He has been willing to commit money and an amazing amount of time to help get entrepreneurs over the start up hump.  He is also extremely effective in getting others to add their support."

--George Mosher, Investor

"Tim Keane has an uncanny and impressive ability to relate widely disparate industries and bodies of knowledge. Tim's command of the startup company is impressive.

When working with Tim, I get the feeling I am the most important person in Tim's life. Tim's charisma and interpersonal skills, combined with his knowledge and intellect, make him one of the most effective people I know. I've enjoyed working with Tim in the past and hope to again. I enthusiastically recommend Tim Keane."

--Nick DeMarco,  Founder and CEO, Analogix and (now) Practichem

"During my career as both an entrepreneur and as a corporate executive, I have come across a number of business growth experts, advisors and venture finance specialists. But very few really stand out. Tim is one of them, and he stands tall.  I met Tim as a member of Golden Angel Investors where his steady and insightful leadership is the foundation of the group's success.

His ongoing counsel and guidance in navigating the world of early stage finance for all the members is exemplary. Tim's selfless willingness to mentor and shape my own re-entry into the world of entrepreneurship has been invaluable. What I really appreciate about Tim is that he will always tell you like it is. It is exactly what aspiring and recovering entrepreneurs need most."

--Manoli Kulutbanis, Entrepreneur

"I can not put any number on the value of Tim's advice. I started from a two pager and now I have an investment offer in my hand. And that would not be possible with his help and the network I was able to make through his introduction. To whomever I talk I tell them that Tim's point of view the most valid you will hear in Milwaukee!"

--Ali Bakhshinejad, Entrepreneur

"When joining GAI, I thought the biggest benefit was going to be the opportunity to invest in early stage companies. To my surprise the biggest benefit has been to gain the insight of how Tim Keane evaluates these investments and then help the chosen few be successful. This has furthered my ability to be effective in my job as we evaluate and grow minority investments at LPi."

--Paul Knaapen, CFO, Liturgical Publications, Inc.