Essential Technology For Every Coworking Office Space

An office should be a space that enables productive discussion and collaboration for you and your clients. One of the key components to an effective modern office is having the appropriate workspace technology. By taking advantage of the latest technology, you can not only connect with people all over the world but also better connect with the people sitting right next to you.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing technology enables you to bring someone else into the office, instead of just hearing their voice over a regular conferencing device. This technology allows you to show and discuss work in real time, to keep productivity levels high, and stay on the same page. Video conferencing is an invaluable aspect of the modern day office, and should never be overlooked when setting up a meeting.

Portable Tablets

Don't let an outdated laptop hold your work back. With the advancements in tablets, whether it be an Android or Apple model, you are free to create no matter where you are. From quick design sketches to taking notes to share with the rest of the meeting attendees, tablets allow increased collaboration and creativity. Some tablets even let you sign up for 4G wireless service so you can skip the WiFi and continue to collaborate without internet access.

High-Resolution Display

A high-resolution display can be used for screenings and showing data trends. The importance of being able to explain visually the point you are trying to get across should not ever be discounted, especially for presentations that are packed with charts, graphs, and other visual assets.  

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Why Millennials are Flocking to Shared Office Spaces

Shared office spaces are the perfect choice for millennials because they afford a higher level of freedom than any other option, foster an environment of collaboration which results in higher levels of innovation and productivity, and are affordable. It is for these reasons that more and more millennials, and companies who employ millennials, are gravitating toward using shared office spaces.

1.    Flexibility

Shared office spaces offer the perfect balance of freedom and structure. Members of these workspaces are free to come and go as they please, allowing millennials to focus on work only when it makes sense. For a generation of people that values their personal time and work/life balance, this sort of structure is perfect. This also works out for employers of millennials because the coworking approach encourages efficiency and productivity.

2.    Collaboration

In addition to the freedom and flexibility associated with shared office spaces, another millennial value that's encouraged is collaboration and teamwork. Bringing people together from different businesses, with different areas of expertise and different levels of experience has proven to result in consistent innovation. This benefit is unique to shared office spaces because typical offices and employees who work from home do not regularly interact with professionals outside of their organization.

3.    Affordability

In recent years, businesses have been exploring the benefits of unconventional workforce structures by utilizing more remote workers, freelancers, and consultants. The traditional remote worker typically works out of a home office. However, since millennials have been hesitant to entering the housing market, instead preferring to rent, they are unlikely to have the space necessary for a home office. For this reason, shared office spaces are beneficial for millennials because they are more affordable than paying for more space or renting traditional office space.  

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